16th International Conference On Principles Of DIstributed Systems - December 17th-20th

Conference Program [PDF]

LOCATION: Dipartimento di Informatica e Sistemistica - Via Ariosto 25

10:00-17.00 TADDS Workshop room: Aula Magna
10:00-17.00 Diplexity Workshop room: A4
18:30 Welcome reception room: Auditorium
8:00 Registration room:B101
8:45-9:00 Welcome addresses room: Aula Magna
9:00-10:00 Invited Talk I - Pierre Fraigniaud
Distributed Local Decision and Verification

Session chair: Paola Flocchini
10:00-10:30 coffee break
10:30-11:45 Session 1
Session chair: Leonardo Querzoni
room: Aula Magna
Amos Korman, Pierre Fraigniaud and Magnus M. Halldorsson.
On the Impact of Identifiers on Local Decision
Armando Castaneda, Julien Stainer and Michel Raynal.
When and How Process Groups can be Used to Reduce the Renaming Space
Vijay Garg.
Lattice Completion Algorithms for Distributed Computations
11:45-12:00 small coffee break
12.00-12.50 Session 2
Session chair: Nicolas Schiper
room: Aula Magna
Andres Sevilla, Alberto Mozo and Antonio Fernandez Anta.
Node Sampling using Centrifugal Random Walks
Devan Sohier, Georgios Georgiadis, Marina Papatriantafilou, Simon Claviere and Alain Bui.
Physarum-inspired self-biased walkers for distributed clustering
12:50-14:30 lunch break
14.30-15.45 Session 3
Session chair: Vijay Garg
room: Aula Magna
Mohsen Ghaffari, Seth Gilbert, Calvin Newport and Henry Tan.
Optimal Broadcast in Shared Spectrum Radio Networks
Bogdan Chlebus, Dariusz Kowalski and Andrzej Pelc.
Electing a Leader in Multi-Hop Radio Networks
Tomasz Jurdzinski and Dariusz Kowalski.
On the Complexity of Distributed Broadcasting and MDS Construction in Radio Networks
15:45-16:20 coffee break
16.20-18.00 Session 4
Session chair: Binoy Ravindran
room: Aula Magna
Jurek Czyzowicz, Andrzej Pelc and Melanie Roy.
Tree exploration by a swarm of mobile agents
Shibata Masahiro, Ooshita Fukuhito, Kakugawa Hirotsugu, Masuzawa Toshimistu and Kawai Shinji.
Algorithms for partial gathering of mobile agents in asynchronous rings
Michel Paquette and Euripides Markou.
Black Hole Search and Exploration in Unoriented Tori with Synchronous Scattered Finite Automata
Klaus-Tycho Förster and Roger Wattenhofer.
Directed Graph Exploration
18:20-20.00Steering Committee Meetingroom:B203
9:00-10.15 Session 5
Session chair: Paola Flocchini
room: Aula Magna
Sascha Grau.
Attack-Resilient Multitree Data Distribution Topologies
Robbert Van Renesse, Chi Ho and Nicolas Schiper.
Byzantine Chain Replication
Hoang Bao Thien and Abdessamad Imine.
On the Polling Problem for Social Networks
10:15-10:45 coffee break
10:45-11.15 Invited Talk II - Giuseppe Ateniese
The Cloud was Tipsy and Ate my Files!

Session chair: Binoy Ravindran
room: Aula Magna
11:15-12:00 small coffee break
12:00-12.50 Session 6
Session chair: Bjorn Andersson
room: Aula Magna
Trevor Brown and Hillel Avni.
Range Queries in Non-blocking k-ary Search Trees
Shahar Timnat, Anastasia Braginsky, Alex Kogan and Erez Petrank.
Wait-Free Linked-Lists
12:50-14:30 lunch break
14:30-15.45 Session 7
Session chair: Marina Papatriantafilou
room: Aula Magna
Othon Michail, Ioannis Chatzigiannakis and Paul Spirakis.
Causality, Influence, and Computation in Possibly Disconnected Synchronous Dynamic Networks
Joffroy Beauquier, Janna Burman, Laurent Rosaz and Brigitte Rozoy.
Non-deterministic Population Protocols
Emmanuelle Anceaume, Erwan Le Merrer, Romaric Ludinard, Bruno Sericola and Gilles Straub.
FixMe: A Self-organizing Isolated Anomaly Detection Architecture for Large Scale Distributed Systems
15:45-16:15 coffee break
16:00-16:30 Business Meeting room: Aula Magna
Excursion & Banquet
9:30-10:30 Invited Talk III - Antony Rowstron
Converged Data Centers

Session chair: Roberto Baldoni
room: Aula Magna
10:30-11:00 coffee break
11:00-12:40 Session 8
Session chair: Paola Flocchini
room: Aula Magna
Srikanth Sastry, Jennifer Welch and Josef Widder.
Wait-Free Stabilizing Dining Using Regular Registers
Shlomi Dolev, Swan Dubois, Maria Gradinariu Potop-Butucaru and Sebastien Tixeuil.
Fail-stop Resilient and Pseudo-Stabilizing Atomic Registers
Silvia Bonomi, Andreas Klappenecker, Hyunyoung Lee and Jennifer Welch.
Stochastic Modeling of Dynamic Distributed Systems with Crash Recovery and its Application to Atomic Registers
Bjorn Andersson and Dionisio Deniz.
Analyzing Global-EDF for Multiprocessor Scheduling of Parallel Tasks
12:40-13:00 concluding remark room: Aula Magna
13:00 lunch break

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