16th International Conference On Principles Of DIstributed Systems - December 17th-20th

Keynotes at OPODIS 2012

Giuseppe Ateniese is an Associate Professor of Computer Science at the Sapienza University of Rome. His main research areas are applied cryptography and system security. He has recently worked on group signatures, RFID privacy, secure storage systems (provable data possession, secure versioning), and proxy re-cryptography. In 2012 he received the Google Research Award for its research on Security.

Pierre Fraigniaud is a CNRS researcher. He is the current director of the lab LIAFA, located at University Paris Diderot, France. His main research interests include various fundamental aspects of distributed computing, mostly in the framework of network computing. He is currently a member of the editorial board of Distributed Computing, and has been the PC chair of PODC 2011, DISC 2005, and SPAA 2001.

Antony Rowstron works in Networked Systems: the junction of Networking, Systems and Distributed Systems. Most recently he has been interested in "big data" and in particular building hardware (clusters) and software stacks to support big data processing. In the past he has worked extensively on structured overlays or DHTs (P2P). He has also done some work on wireless protocols, application-level multicast, coordination languages, and even robotics.
He was also deeply honoured recently that the original Pastry paper by Peter Druschel and me was awarded the "Middleware'2011 10-year best paper award".

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